Civil Peace by Chinua Achebe, Questions-Answers, Class 11, English

Here is the solution of the questions from Civil Peace by Chinua Achebe.

Exercise: Civil Peace by Chinua Achebe

Answer the following questions.

a. Why did Jonathan think of himself as ‘extraordinarily lucky

  • Jonathan thought of himself as ‘extraordinarily lucky’ because he had survived the Civil War along with his wife and children.

b. What are the ‘five blessings’ for which Jonathan is grateful?

  • The ‘five blessings’ for which Jonathan is grateful are his head, his wife Maria’s head, and the heads of three out of their four children. That means he is grateful for the survival of five family members.

c. Why did Jonathan mistrust the officer who wanted to take his bicycle? What does this tell you about the situation in Nigeria?

  • Jonathan mistrusted the officer who wanted to take his bicycle because the officer lacked a certain grip and firmness in his manner. So, instead of giving his bicycle to the office, Johathan gave him two pounds and saved his bicycle. This episode of bribery indicates the corruption and dishonesty in the army during the Civil war.

d. What visitors might be at the door? Are Jonathan and his wife completely surprised? Explain.

  • The visitors who knock at the door of Jonathan’s house late at night demanding money are the thieves. Jonathan and his wife are completely surprised as it was midnight and the thieves are knocking at the door violently. They are also afraid as they don’t get any response from both the neighbours and the police.

e. Why does no one in the neighbourhood respond when the thieves pound on Jonathan’s door? Why do the thieves call for the police?

  • No one in the neighbourhood responds when the thieves pound on Jonathan’s door because they are scared of the thieves. Moreover, in the post-war era, there is the collapse of communal solidarity. The thieves call for the police knowing that police won’t come to help at midnight.

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