Study the following structures of passive carefully.

Passive, Unit 19, Class 11, English
Passive, Unit 19, Class 11, English
Passive, Unit 19, Class 11, English
Passive, Unit 19, Class 11, English

Exercise: Passive

Q. Complete these sentences using the verbs given in the brackets.

a. Letters …… by the postman every day. (deliver)

Letters are delivered by the postman every day.

b. This bag …… in the bus yesterday. (find)

This bag was found in the bus yesterday.

c. The gate …… at 7:00 pm every evening. (lock)

The gate is locked at 7:00 pm every evening.

d. I …… to the party last week. (invite)

I was invited to the party last week.

e. The telephone …… by Graham Bell. (invent)

The telephone was invented by Graham Bell.

f. Muna Madan …… by Devkota. (write)

Muna Madan was written by Devkota.

g. How much money …… in the robbery? (steal)

How much money was stolen in the robbery?

h. Do you know cheese …… from milk? (make)

Do you know cheese is made from milk?

i. I was born in Kathmandu, but …… in Dhangadhi. (grow)

I was born in Kathmandu, but was grown in Dhangadhi.


C. Change the following sentences into passive.

a. I didn’t fix the problem.

The problem wasn’t fixed by me.

b. Police protect the town.

The town is protected.

c. John’s mother raised him in a small town.

John was raised in a small town by his mother.

d. Someone painted the building last year.

The building was built last year.

e. Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin in 1928.

Penicillin was discovered in 1928 by Alexander Fleming.

f. Some students study grammar on the Internet.

Grammar is studied on the internet.

g. Someone had broken the window by 3:00 p.m.

The window had been broken by 3: p.m.

h. A strange man was watching us.

We were being watched by a strange man.

i. Tokyo will hold the Olympics in 2020.

The Olympics will be held in 2020 by Tokyo.

j. We are working on the report right now.

The report is being worked on by us right now.

k. My manager has told him to arrive earlier.

He has been told to arrive earlier by my manager.

l. They could not have made the mistake.

The mistake could not have been made.

m. I hope they are going to hire me soon.

I hope I am going to be hired soon.

n. I don’t like people staring at me.

I don’t like being stared at.

o. She likes people waving at her.

She likes being waved at.        

p. Who told you the story?

By whom were you told the story?

q. Is he repairing the bicycle?

Is the bicycle being repaired by him?

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